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Purple romance in tent wedding

A natural and comfortable natural environment, a relaxed and warm atmosphere, and an atmospheric and beautiful wedding. A tent wedding in Phoenix Hot Spring recently not only made the groom Mr. Lin and the bride Linda unforgettable, but also touched many relatives and friends. Before deciding on the wedding style, Mr. Lin liked the environment of Fenghuang Hot Spring. He said: "We only need 8 tables for banquets, but many hotels can meet it. But the atmosphere of Fenghuang Hot Spring is unique, and we hope to host another The wedding feels like this. ”It is understood that Mr. Lin and Linda are both from Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province. They are currently doing business in Xiangyang. Linda said:“ The wedding is not only for the two of us, but also for two families. I made a special trip to attend, so after the wedding day, we also booked two villas for everyone to rest, and all the guests also had a hot spring. " Lorraine wedding planners Miki and Wendy define this wedding as a romantic and beautiful style, with an atmospheric and stylish purple three-act background, a simple and dreamy welcome area, and a charming aerial Lassa ... At the wedding ceremony, the newcomers will customize Wenzhou customs Combined with Xiangyang customs, groomsmen and bridesmaids led newcomers, and eight of them jointly guided the newcomers' happiness. The tears that fell when the bride's mother veiled her daughter, and the groom's affectionate gaze when they sang "I Will" moved everyone present.

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