Should I choose PVC tarpaulin or glass wall for the banquet tent used for the wedding banquet?


Nowadays, many families hold weddings not to worry abou […]

Nowadays, many families hold weddings not to worry about money, but to entangle the venue and do not want to hold them indoors. Outdoor wedding tents do not know how to choose. Nowadays, the wedding banquet tents have various styles, which can hold a romantic wedding under the blue sky and white clouds.
Wedding greenhouses are often used in various occasions, so high-quality aluminum alloy materials are often used, which has good rust resistance. The exterior uses PVC tarpaulin or glass curtain wall as the wall. If it is a comfortable season like the late spring and early autumn, the wall may not even be equipped.
There are many common styles of PVC tarpaulin, such as: opaque double-sided coated knife scraper, transparent tarpaulin or translucent tarpaulin. The color of the tarpaulin can be customized and all have the characteristics of waterproof and flame retardant. Compared with the other two types, the transparent PVC tarpaulin is more luxurious and atmospheric, you can see the outside directly from the inside, and you can enjoy the night scene in the shed at night, and it can save the cost of indoor lighting during the day.
There are two common types of opaque tarpaulins, red and white, and they can also be printed with different patterns and slogans, which are also suitable for other activities.
The glass curtain wall appears taller as a wall, and its function is similar to a transparent tarp.
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