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Outdoor sports tent is divided into several categories

Outdoor sports tents fall into several categories: advertising tents (promotional tents), military tents (civilian tents, construction site tents), herringbone large tents, tourist tents {(3-season tents (general outdoor activities) and 4-season tents (winter/alpine)} disaster relief tents, inflatable tents, cleaning tents, children's Play Tents . Next we will give a detailed account of the differences between these tents.

They can be divided into quick tents and pitched tents.

Construction type

In the early days of our country, the construction tent was needed by wartime, and the Quartermaster tent rose. Because of its durability, suitable fabric, low cost, adapting to all kinds of terrain, it has also become the preferred type of construction tent. The prototype of modern construction tent is for this purpose.

(1) tent specification: common specification 5*10 5X8 5X6 5X4 3X4 2*3

(2) the tent structure is reasonable and safe and reliable, and it can withstand 8 level wind and 8 centimeters thick snow load at the same time.

(3) The tent is of a steel frame structure, which is simple in structure and convenient for spreading and retrieving. It can be erected or retrieved in about 20 minutes by about four people.

(4) tents (cloth bags + steel frames, two pieces), and the volume of the package is 0.8 cubic meters.

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