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Three innovations of warehouse tent design

The first is to improve the "face value" of the storage tent. Now that everyone has higher requirements for the quality of the products, they also have high expectations for the appearance of the products. When designing the storage tents, you can adjust the tarpaulin and shape. Create a warehouse tent that is in line with the corporate image, consistent with the company's overall planning, and contribute to the corporate image. Secondly, the function of the storage tent can be expanded outwards, and embedded gables can be added at the entrance of the warehouse, so that employees can be protected from the weather when loading and unloading materials, and more humane. In addition, in the design of the storage tent, an additional independent space can be divided inside to store different materials, and it can also separate office, restaurant and other ancillary facilities to provide additional space for the enterprise. Storage tents are increasingly taking on important responsibilities and exerting various functions. Production enterprises also need to continuously improve their technical level to produce high-quality storage tents.

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