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Traveling with a tent

Nowadays, traveling with tents is becoming a fashion. The market for “tent tour” is gradually growing. A number of outdoor clubs, car clubs, college outdoor clubs and mountaineering clubs have emerged. The rise of the tent tour fully reflects the participants' longing for the wild life, the desire for unfettered state, and this "DIY model" is very attractive, and can achieve leisure, entertainment, fitness and other purposes. Although the comfort of the hotel is better, some people may not choose a traditional tourist destination. The supply of accommodation facilities such as traditional restaurants may not be available. It is a good experience to choose a tent as a place to stay. In the face of the tent market, how to “take the move” in the relevant scenic spots has become a problem that must be faced directly. When developing tent tour products, the relevant scenic spots need to strengthen the supporting infrastructure construction, and some tent areas and camping areas can be set up in the area. Hangzhou West Lake was once trapped in a mess of tents, and sometimes the scenic spots also had disputes with tourists. In 2007, the West Lake Scenic Area Management Committee set up 10 tents and erected areas such as Fengyanglin, Wuguitan Block and Dingjiashan Lawn in Liulang Wenyu Park on the West Lake. The area is about 40,000 square meters. The solution is solved. A senior friend said: "Our people who play tents are called 'canopies', and the 'punk' homophony that plays rock, generally likes to walk on their own lines. Unless there is good idea, we are not willing to contact the scenic spot. ” In a certain sense, for the tent market, the personalized marketing initiatives of the scenic spot are particularly important. At this point, some scenic spots have been quietly exerted. The author noticed that on the group purchase website, a scenic spot issued a "canopy card." With this card, participants in the tent tour can not only get tickets for the scenic spot, but also participate in many recreational activities such as water pedal boats, sea dinghies, archery and so on. Some scenic spots hold a variety of "tent festivals", which is also a good idea. portable hammock

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