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What are the characteristics and applicable environment of automatic tents?

Automatic tents are mostly leisure tents, considering the needs of the general public. Automatic tents are mainly used for family gatherings and friends outings. Because of the convenience of automatic tents, there is no crowd restriction, and it has set off a trend among young people. It is quick to open, easy to carry, and fashionable, all of which are evaluations given by people who own automatic tents, which also make traditional tents part of the impact.


Automatic tents were introduced relatively late in China, and they are considered a new type of product, or they can be said to be something for young people. But in European and American countries, automatic tents have long become one of the must-haves for families. During the Sunday holidays, you can open the fallen quick-open tents everywhere, and now the quick-open tents have come to China, which has activated the domestic outdoor market, enriched the product range, and also brought a realization that the quick-open tent is not only a tent , It is an attitude to life! To know the leisure life.


Quick-opening tents on the market vary in quality and prices. Low-grade quick-opening tents cost about 100 yuan, which is affordable, but the price/performance ratio is not high. Usually, it can only be used as a one-time product, and you can try it once in a while. The unboundedness of the Internet allows its products to be promoted across the country, and it also gives people a better understanding of automatic tents. A good automatic tent uses fiberglass poles, which have high elasticity and toughness, and can be folded repeatedly, so the lifespan is relatively long.


Low-quality automatic tents often use flat steel poles, and the tent itself is lighter, but if the steel wire is twisted and cannot be restored to its original shape, the tent cannot be used. The automatic tent is usually in the shape of a round pie after being folded, which is convenient for car owners, and some people become necessary for the trunk of the car. The price of high-quality automatic tents on the market (usually used by 2-3 people) is usually around 300-400 yuan. Of course, this is just for reference. If more automatic tent categories appear in the future, there will be more price points.


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