What are the characteristics and precautions of waterproof tents?


The waterproof tent is easy to use. It not only protect […]

The waterproof tent is easy to use. It not only protects against rain, but also shelters the sun in the hot summer. So it is widely used. But we need to pay attention to some things when using it.

1. First, when the user uses the cloth, do not step on it with shoes, which may damage the strength of the cloth. Second, keep it dry when using tarp. After use, the cloth should be hung up to dry. If the dirty cloth is found, rinse it gently. Do not use chemically added detergents or brush hard.
2. When using a new fluffy cloth, place a layer of suture glue where the waterproof suture glue is used. It may have been a long time since the factory used waterproof canvas to consolidate waterproof measures.
3. The tarp should be fixed on the ground during construction to prevent the bricks from collapsing and so on.
4. Note that the tarpaulin should be cleaned regularly to prevent mildew and odor, and do not use a washing machine to clean it. Do not brush too hard, so as not to brush off the patterns and decorative parts of the shoes in a short time. Note that the force should be gentle, even when cleaning. When cleaning, if the plastic tarpaulin is damaged, dropped or loosely decorated, it should be repaired in time to extend its service life.
5. Be careful not to touch objects that are difficult to clean, such as carbon ink. After cleaning and cleaning, toothpaste or white chalk powder should be applied to this color tarp. It should be even, dry and prevent discoloration.