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What are the characteristics of push-pull tents?

The awning has the function of external shading, which can block ultraviolet radiation, reduce the indoor temperature and reduce the air conditioning load; the awning has energy-saving effect, and the awning is of great significance from the perspective of energy saving and environmental protection; At the same time of the sun, the intense sunlight can be reflected into the room in the form of diffused light, so that the indoor light is bright and not dazzling, and it does not affect the landscape outside the window seen from the room, extending people's living space from indoor to outdoor, creating A new living space is created; the special UV protection function of the sunshade cloth of the awning not only protects the human skin from ultraviolet rays, but also greatly prolongs the service life of interior decoration and furniture. The awning has colorful shades. Type and color, users can choose according to their needs. Blocks up to 90%-100% of the sun's UV rays.

Features of push-pull tents
1. Novel design, beautiful colors, one canopy is multi-purpose! Rain, sunshade, wind and sand. A variety of electric vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles are suitable for installation. Let ordinary electric vehicles enjoy the fashion of "car".
2. Core technology innovation: High-tech composite materials are used to manufacture canopies, stainless steel pipes and plastic spray pipes are used to manufacture canopies, which are light, high-strength, anti-corrosion, heat-insulating, and several times stronger than ordinary plastic sheet materials.
3. Equipped with "electric sedan" fashion: active wipers, broad vision. In the front, the windshield produced by the joint venture is selected, which has high finish and good light transmission. It is equipped with a micro wiper to automatically wipe the rain, and the way out is bright.
4. The styles are novel and unique, with beautiful city scenery: dozens of styles, hundreds of types, beautiful shapes, economical and practical. Including the economical standard type, luxury type, each section is moving!
5. Humanized design, available in size: simple installation: only one person, simple tools, and optional hood can be installed in about half an hour.

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