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What are the differences between tents and tents?

A tent is a temporary building, a "movable property" that distinguishes it from traditional buildings. It can be decorated like a house, and has the characteristics and use effects of the house; the tent is just a "shell", a simple tent, It has poor stability and is not suitable for use in inclement weather. In addition, what are the differences and differences between them?


As a movable tent, the tent is mainly used as a temporary outdoor building, while the tent generally refers to a camping tent. There is a big gap between the two in terms of main frame, material, function, supporting facilities or use space and application range. . Tents are currently widely used in warehousing, exhibitions, weddings and other industries. They are mainly used for commercial activities, storage warehouses, exhibitions, wedding banquets, etc., which can provide more possibilities for events.


Compared with tents, the main frame of the tent is mainly made of aluminum alloy, and the tarpaulin is made of double-sided coating PVC, which is stronger and safer, longer service life, more complete functions, and can flexibly expand its activity space. Extensibility; while the size of the tent is fixed, it does not have such a function. The scope of application is different. The tent is mainly used for larger outdoor activities, such as weddings, festivals, exhibitions, etc., while the tent is mainly used for travel, picnics, etc., and it is one of the essential supplies for the traveler.


The internal structure is different. It is generally known that tents are relatively small and portable outdoor products, while tents are different. Although many people also call tents tents, they do not clearly divide tents and tents into two products. In fact, this is one of the larger misunderstandings. Although both tents and tents are temporary buildings, their internal structure is obviously different. The internal structure of the tent is made of aluminum and combined with steel parts. It is a more stable and durable way, while the tent is a telescopic type with an iron frame, which has achieved a more convenient effect.


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