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What are the Factors to Consider When Buying Waterproof Tents?

A good waterproof tent is the key to keeping you and your gear dry in all types of weather. But there are many factors to consider before you buy one.

The main material used to make most waterproof tents is silnylon or silpoly. These fabrics are commonly impregnated with a thin layer of silicone before they leave the textile mill.

Waterproof Rating:
Tents are often given a waterproof rating on their fabric, which is usually measured in inches of water per square foot. This number is called the hydrostatic head value and is a rough guide to how much water pressure a tent can withstand without leaking.

Seam Sealing:
Regardless of the type of material a tent is made of, it is not waterproof unless all seams are sealed. Seams that are not taped, welded, or heat-sealed can let in a lot of water and can lead to tent failure.

Another common problem with tents is condensation forming inside them. It happens when water and air are trapped in a closed space and it takes time for the moisture to escape. This can create a moldy and uncomfortable environment, so ventilation is important for staying comfortable in your tent.

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