What are the magical methods for erecting and dismantling tents?


The usage of various accounts is different, let's talk […]

The usage of various accounts is different, let's talk about the way of setting up ordinary accounts first. First choose the camp, and spread the tent custom-made inner tent on the ground (usually the inner tent, but there are also some that first set up the outer tent and hang the inner tent, such as Eurohike, the principle is to wear the tent. Layer), take out the folded tent pole, straighten it section by section, connect it into a long pole, and pass it into the tent pole cover above the tent according to the instructions. Common tents are cross-threading.
After wearing both rods. Insert one end of each pole into the small hole in the corner of the tent, and then two people hold the two movable heads at the same time, and put the pole net inside to arch the tent until the head on this side can also be inserted into the small hole. After inserting it in the hole, the shape of the tent will be formed. Tie the cross of the tent poles with a rope and you will be able to hold this behemoth (actually very light) with one hand to take a picture of the elephant. Then choose the direction of the door to fix the tent on the ground. Use ground nails to hook the four-corner loops and insert them into the soil to stretch the bottom of the tent so that the whole tent is tight.


Now start to hang the external account. Open the external account and cover it on the internal account. Note that the doors of the internal account and the external account must face one direction. The four corners are hung on the four corners of the internal account ( The position of the pole is close, you can find the place where it is hung), and some are nailing the four corners of the tent with the ground nails adjacent to the four corners of the inner tent, and see if there are hanging loops that can be nailed to the ground. It is also taut, and is not attached to the inner tent, so that when the fish is placed, the inner tent will not be wet, and because of breathing, a layer of dew or frost will form on the outer tent in the morning. The tent, but there are also bad tents that will be settled inside the account. In that case, if you wake up early, it will snow in the tent. Of course, the weather is good, and it’s quite comfortable without an external account.

There are also some ropes on the outside tent, which are used to reinforce the tent. Generally, you can not pull it if there is no strong wind, and you can pull it up without worry. It also uses ground nails. The several ropes are pulled evenly. When you get up in the morning, if the weather is good, it is good not to collect the account immediately and let it dry a little. If you get caught in the rain, you must remember to spread it out to dry when you go home, otherwise it will get moldy. Take the ledgers first to remove the external tents. After removing the floor nails of the inner tents, don’t rush to remove the tent poles. Open the door, lift the tents and shake them, pour out the soil inside, and put them on the ground. Take off one of the heads, so that you can flatten the tent, push the tent pole out from one end, don't pull it, the tent custom-made pole is plugged in, and it will fall apart. Afterwards, fold up the tent poles, put the inner and outer tents back in the bag, don't lose the nails. Rory talked a lot, hoping to be useful.