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What are the structural characteristics and applicable areas of the movable tent?

Activity tents are currently used for a variety of outdoor exhibitions, commercial promotion, large-scale events, etc. Although the main structure of the activity tents is simple, but it brings great convenience and safety to it, so that it can be used as a long-term Temporary building for outdoor use! No matter what kind of movable tent, its main structure is composed of two parts, a metal frame and a tent body. Different tents have different frame structures.


Conventional tents generally adopt unit combined structure, spherical tents adopt dome structure, and the materials used for the tent frame are basically aluminum alloy. Some tents of steel structure are used, but the quality will be lower. Slightly worse than aluminum alloy. The tent body of the movable tent is mainly made of PVC knife scraping coated cloth, and the tent body is divided into top cloth, surrounding cloth, and edging cloth. The top cloth is used to cover the top of the tent. Due to the long-term demand for light and rain, Therefore, quality tarpaulins are usually chosen.


As usual, a top cloth will use a PVC tarpaulin with a weight of 850g/square, and a 650g/square PVC tarpaulin will be used as a tent cloth and edge cloth. If there are special needs on the side walls, other tents can also be used. Body material. The conventional span of the movable tent is 3-40 meters. Although the span of the tent is limited, the unit combination structure can extend the length of the tent indefinitely, bringing various changes to the specifications of the tent, such as 3- The length of a small tent with a span of 12 meters can be extended by 3 meters.


However, some large-sized tents can be extended according to the distance of 5 meters, which can meet the needs of customers for different activities of tents! Moreover, the combined structure is also quite convenient for construction and disassembly, giving the tents the sensitive characteristics of being able to move! The outdoor use of mobile tents must first have the ability to shade, rain, and resist wind, so as to ensure the smooth stop of outdoor activities. Like Changyi mobile tents, the tarpaulins have been tested by multiple international agencies and are shading, waterproof, It is flame retardant, tear resistant, and capable of resisting ultraviolet rays, so it can protect the activity from all kinds of outdoor weather.


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