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What are the three major differences between outdoor awnings?

There are many types of awnings, indoor awnings, and outdoor awnings. The functions of these awnings are different, and each has its own characteristics.

As we all know, we are located in the northern hemisphere. In order to fully enjoy the warmth of the sun, most of the windows of the houses face south, but this also brings trouble to the residents living in the northern hemisphere. If there is warm sunlight in the cold winter People indoors, people's mood will be comfortable; if in hot summer, the hot sun shines through the window, people's mood will be irritable because the indoor temperature is too high, so people think of designing a sunshade for the window canopy or outdoor awning. This awning not only maximizes the protection from the hot summer sun, but also maximizes the warmth of the winter sun into the interior.
1. The application purposes of awnings are different: some are independent, some are used for shading in front of the house, and some are used for shading on windows.
2. The shape of the awning is different: there are straight, umbrella-shaped, arc-shaped, semi-circular and so on.
3. The structure and size of awnings and canopies are also different: some are retractable, some are fixed, some are foldable, etc.


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