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What are the two common types of awnings in our lives?

The awning has a very good rain protection function in our life, which brings a lot of convenience to our life. There are two commonly used products depending on the type of awning. Then, let Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. introduce to you.

The so-called collocation type is used to combine with some standard buildings, or balconies, or windows, or passage entrances, etc. When it is built, it also has a carrier, and relatively speaking, Its engineering volume is not too large, and it can be divided into soft construction. The soft construction is very light in weight, and some also use soft objects as construction materials, which is very convenient and practical. , There is another kind of hard construction, which is usually built with glass fiber reinforced plastic or other metal materials. This kind of construction generally looks very luxurious. It is also used in front of the door of ordinary regular companies or in front of the station hospital. this facility.

When the stand-alone is built, it generally exists independently, so its function is also independent. Sometimes it is just to shelter pedestrians from the rain, and sometimes it is also used as a separate passage. It is precisely because of its independent existence. , so when building, the amount of engineering is often very large, and most of them are hard materials. When used as a channel, it is sometimes in a semi-closed state, and sometimes it functions as a rain shelter. Relatively speaking, this kind of awning should pay more attention to its aesthetics when it is built. It should not only be independent, but also be integrated with the surrounding environment, and the quality requirements for the columns are also very high. In order to achieve the effect of independent existence.

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