What are the types and quality of tent products that are easy to install and disassemble?


The tent is a new type of temporary building for outdoo […]

The tent is a new type of temporary building for outdoor activities. It is an application of the tent. It is easy to store and transport. It is called "mobile property". It is widely used in temporary warehouses, factories, temporary construction, and exhibition tents. , Construction of tents, emergency relief. The tent is a brand-new concept for the international masses, and it has only gradually appeared in people’s daily outdoor activities in recent years. It is composed of a basic movable frame and a tarp. The frame generally has alloy and steel as the main components. , Convenient storage, small size and other characteristics.





Tarpaulin is a very important component of the tent, its quality directly affects the safety of the combined tent, and it is also closely related to the safety of activities, so it is very important to choose high-quality tarpaulins. The tent design concept is safe, fast and elegant. The product span ranges from 3 meters to 60 meters, and the main types are: small tents, cone tents, garden tents, party tents, holiday tents, holiday tents, wedding tents, large tents, curved column tents, arcs Roof tents, pointed tents, polygonal tents, double tents, etc. At the same time, we tailor products to customers, provide creative space solutions, and meet customers' individual needs with a full range of accessories.


All the accessories increase the function and purpose of the tent to meet the various needs of customers. Such as side wall cloth with transparent PVC windows, full transparent tarpaulin and side wall cloth, ground anchor nails, column bearing plate, ceiling decoration cloth, tarpaulin digital printing, glass curtain wall, glass door, ABS hard wall, glass door, Drainage troughs, air conditioning systems and other structural supports are made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles, steel parts are made of hot-dip galvanized anti-rust, and the tarpaulin is made of flame-retardant double-sided PVC synthetic fiber cloth, which has excellent functions of waterproof, fire-retardant and UV-proof.


Under normal installation and fixed conditions, the wind resistance can reach 8-10. All production links are run in strict accordance with the ISO international quality management system. All finished products are shipped after strict quality testing and trial assembly meet the standards to ensure product safety and feasibility of installation and dismantling. The tent is different from traditional buildings. Three elements: A, safety and stability, dignity and elegance, natural resistance to various harsh environments B, superior combination characteristics, stretch unlimited space C, flexible assembly and disassembly, and fast transportation.