What are the wedding tent shapes required by the wedding etiquette company?


Use the wedding tent to hold the wedding outdoors, maki […]

Use the wedding tent to hold the wedding outdoors, making the whole wedding scene more plastic. In order to cater to the public’s preferences, a wedding ceremony company needs to purchase a series of tents of different shapes. So what are the wedding tent shapes required for a complete wedding celebration company?
Herringbone tent;
Spire tent;
Spherical tent;
Transparent tent with glass curtain wall;
Arc roof tent;
Special-shaped combination tent.
For wedding banquet activities, a spacious venue space is generally required, and wedding tents can just meet the space requirements, and it is logical to become a new choice for event banquets. Since the main body of the tent adopts an assembled net-span structure, the internal space of any kind of tent is spacious and unobstructed, but at present, the herringbone tent and arc tent are more commonly used in wedding banquet applications. To attract eyeballs, spherical tents can also be used. Herringbone tents are available in many specifications and relatively low cost, which can meet the needs of banquets and banquets of various sizes. If you want to create a beautiful and romantic wedding banquet, you can choose other tents!
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