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What is a hotel tent?

The tent hotel is actually a temporary cloth building, which is easily and quickly constructed in all terrains. The reinforced concrete structure used in modern architecture is strong and comfortable, but lacks an atmosphere of dialogue with stars and nature. Therefore, tent hotels bring a way of life and enjoy the wilderness of people living in busy cities. A leisurely weekend begins to feel nature and yearn for the pursuit of camping, but in the pursuit of nature, I also hope to have a comfortable and comfortable sleeping environment. Luxury camping and luxury dew are gradually being put on the agenda. Unlike outdoor camping more than 20 years ago, luxurious Glamping has become the latest trend for rich people pursuing wild tourists. When camping in the wild, don't worry about mosquito bites. It is disturbing that in the luxury camping, a completely free sleeping environment, breaking the constraints of the four walls of the traditional luxury suite, but it feels the same as a five-star hotel.  User: Urban white-collar workers, life always runs at a high speed on a specific track, often feels exhausted or lost, they are very willing to spend money to buy peace. Therefore, tent hotels should be positioned at this level, and the pursuit of diversified and high-quality life is the main line of tent design, which combines the characteristics of wild life. Design concept: General tent hotels will include crepe, heat and cold protection, lighting, mosquito protection, partition, observation, power supply, lighting and other systems. Wholesale tents

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