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What is the description of the tent material?

Fabric: Mostly polyester spinning fabrics, 210T polyester spinning and 190T polyester spinning are generally available on the market. The quality is based on its thickness and warp and weft density. The technical indicators of waterproof fabrics are based on the degree of waterproofness. In order to enhance the beauty and feel, some manufacturers apply silica gel to the tent,



Silicone hidden extra tent fabric

It looks translucent, and more importantly, this type of tent will be lighter.

Waterproof is only AC or PU coated on the outside. Generally only used for children or game accounts.

Waterproof 300MM is generally used for beach tents/shading tents or cotton tents for drought and less rain. Waterproof 800MM-1200MM is used for conventional simple camping tents.

Waterproof 1500MM-2000MM is used for mid-range tents, which need to travel for many days.

Waterproof tents above 3000MM are generally professional tents that have been treated with high temperature/cold resistance techniques.

Bottom material: Generally, PE is the most common, and the quality depends on its thickness and warp and weft density. It’s better to use Oxford fabrics, and the waterproof treatment should be at least

Above 1500MM.

The inner fabric is generally breathable nylon or breathable cotton. The quality mainly depends on its density.

The rainproof performance of the outer tent cloth, this index is still calculated according to the number of mm of water column per square centimeter.

Generally, the rainproof tent is above 1500mm water column, which can prevent moderate to heavy rain; individual tents reach 3000-4000mm, which can prevent continuous heavy rain.

The high-quality rainproof tarpaulin not only has a high rainproof index, but also has a thick tape at the joint of the awning to prevent water seepage at the seam.

Although the rainproof index of the outer tent is high, ventilation is a problem. On a sunny night without rain, after a nap, the inner surface of the tent will still be covered with water droplets, especially when setting up tents on moist ground such as grass. If it accumulates, it will drop into the internal account. Relatively speaking, an external account with a low rainproof index has less internal area water than a high rainproof account.

This is the water vapor exhaled by the occupants in the tent, and the water droplets gathered on the inner surface of the tarp from the ground steam. Because the tent is rainproof, the rain outside cannot come in, nor can the water vapor inside. So when you get up in the morning, avoid shaking the tent too hard, and be careful of "light rain" inside.

However, there are several types of tents that use waterproof and breathable materials such as GORE-TEX and BANTEX, which can solve this problem relatively well, but the price is surprisingly expensive. Support skeleton

There are four common support frames (commonly known as tent poles):

1. Steel pipe: also known as high frequency welded pipe, mainly used on large tents such as military tents and disaster relief tents. The surface is sprayed or galvanized. There are round pipes and square pipes. The pipe diameter is generally 19-50mm. The wall thickness varies from 0.8 to 3mm.

2. Flexibility: This type of account is generally for children or beach games.

3. Fiberglass rod: There are a series of 6.9/7.9/8.5/9.5/11/12.5. The thicker the thickness, the stronger the rigidity and the weaker the softness. Therefore, whether the choice of the fiber tube bracket is reasonable is determined by the ratio of the size of the floor to the height, and it is easy to break if it is too thick or too thin. For example: 210*210*130 is a relatively classic size, the tube is generally 7.9 or 8.. 4. Aluminum alloy frame: It is more difficult to inspect according to the alloy ratio. Generally, the overall curvature of the original bracket is first It is calculated and then processed by hot pressing. The characteristic is that it is light and easy to carry and not easy to fold, but it is easy to bend and deform when the quality is not good.

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