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What is the difference between a tent and a traditional building?

With the development of the city, more and more events are held, including politics, culture, business, sports, entertainment, etc. If you are indoors, your only choice may be a hotel conference hall, but if you are outdoors, the tent room is suitable for outdoor activities. The tent room is easy to assemble and disassemble. Mobility and flexibility are the main advantages of outdoor temporary buildings. Common temporary buildings can be divided into tents, tents, slab houses, wooden houses, etc.


The board room is a modular structure, which is mainly used for temporary houses and disaster relief rooms on the site. Most of the tents are made of aluminum frames, and the waterproof canvas is made of pvc material, which is used for large-scale exhibitions and events. A simple advertising tent can complete the promotion activities of small businesses. Industrial tents, tent products, the guarantee of safety first, tent production has strict requirements on safety factor, hardness and wind resistance.

On this basis, we will design products according to different sizes and specifications. For many years, we need to provide our customers with a complete set of outdoor activities, including the design and assembly of tents, and the later dismantling. We need to consider the overall landscape effect of temporary buildings and the surrounding environment, and often need to match carpets, curtains and lights. Create a more romantic atmosphere.


In today's rapidly changing environment, for certain special environmental conditions and actual requirements, compared with traditional buildings, tents can better reflect its advantages in form and materials. It not only makes people work outdoors as indoors, but also feels close to nature. In addition, no lighting during the day can meet the needs of indoor lighting, which is environmentally friendly and saves operating costs. Moreover, the tent can be reused and can be widely used for various activities.


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