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What is the difference between an activity tent and an outdoor tent?

Outdoor tents have the three characteristics of temporary, harmonious ability and mobility. Consumers can construct and disassemble anytime and anywhere, and the construction is convenient, simple and clear. After the disassembly, the outdoor tent can be rebuilt in other areas anytime and anywhere, and the indoor space utilization rate is particularly suitable for the company and the company's request to change the area. This kind of shed cloth is made of PVC raw materials and used for large and medium-sized exhibitions and theme activities.


The overall structure of the awning has been professionally tested. Compared with ordinary outdoor tents, the total area of ​​the awning is large and the span is large. The key is that the frame shear wall of the awning itself, whether it is sand, concrete, grass, etc., can be firmly installed on the top. One of the obvious differences between an awning and an outdoor tent is the size of the outdoor tent. This is very obvious, that is, the difference in the middle depends on the structure of the contour.


An outdoor tent is a shed that is stored on the pavement to protect it from wind, rain, sun, and temporary shelter. It is made of white canvas and can be moved and moved with the support frame at any time. Outdoor tents are carried by components, and can only be assembled after arriving on the spot. Therefore, various components and special tools are required. If they control every component and application method, and control the structure of the outdoor tent, they can quickly and conveniently build the outdoor tent.


The awning can be moved in the natural environment and is generally used for various themed activities. It is dismantled and has convenient transportation and unique style. Outdoor tents are generally lightweight, suitable for outdoor engineering construction, camping theoretical activities, temporary halls and national defense command posts, emergency disaster relief, camping, leisure and entertainment, vacation tourism, etc., while awnings are suitable for large and medium-sized outdoor exhibitions, commercial service marketing promotion, etc. Temporary theme activities.


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