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What is the function of the tent wind rope?

Speaking of tents, a few years ago, people were still at a loss and didn’t know what to do. In recent years, it’s very different. Almost every family has a tent. Take your kids to the park to set up tents or a few friends on weekends. Camping in the mountains is really a common leisure activity! But after all, camping is a new thing, and everyone has not received the outdoor survival training like the foreign boy scouts. Sometimes the tents are inevitably set up substandard, crumpled, and the wind ropes are not pulled up, which inevitably affects the use.


As a family outdoor advocate, KingCamp is obliged to talk about the key step when building a tent-the correct use of wind ropes. The basic composition of a double-layer camping tent includes: poles, outside tents, inner tents, front outs, front hall, tent doors, screen doors, floor mats, wind-proof ropes and slides, floor nails, outer pockets, and pole pockets , Ground nail bag. Generally speaking, the windproof rope and the dicing sheet are connected together, and are stored together with the ground nails in the ground nail bag.


The function of the wind-proof rope can make the tent more stable; the more important function is to separate the inner and outer tents to fill the tent; the advantage of this is that the air layer between the inner and outer tents can flow and provide fresh air for the inner tent. ; The air layer can also keep warm; make the waterproofness of the outer tent really play a role. The gas generated by breathing passes through the inner tent, condenses into water droplets on the outer tent and slides down, and will not wet the sleeping bag, moisture-proof pad, etc.


The correct way to use the wind rope, there will be such a three-hole sliding piece on the wind rope, the knotted one is the one end of the sliding piece, the other end is not knotted is the non-scoring end. Use the following steps: insert the non-sliding piece end of the windproof rope into the buttonhole of the tent, fasten it, and then start to adjust the sliding piece end; pull out the loop rope near the end of the sliding piece, and set the ground nail; according to the ground Choose the position of the ground nail. Generally speaking, the smaller the angle between the windproof rope and the ground, the better the wind resistance of the tent.


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