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What is the introduction of the hammock waterproof tent?

Hammock waterproof tent

Tent rental: the jungle hammock is very suitable, and the production of the hammock is also extremely convenient, nylon rope, canvas, blankets can be made. The two ends of the hammock are tied to two trees, a rope is pulled on top, a raincloth is put on, and the rope is fastened around to form a hammock waterproof tent. The advantage of this tent is that it is light and fast, but the problem is that it cannot prevent mosquitoes and flies.
Insert two pairs of wooden rods into the ground at a certain angle in parallel. The distance between the two is more than your own height. The tops of each two wooden rods are tied together with ropes. If the ground is hard, they must be between the feet of each frame. And the upper cross block is fixed and reinforced between two frames. Or use wooden sticks to support the triangular frame at both ends to prevent the bed from tipping over from both ends. After the bed frame is set up, you can use blankets, clothes, envelope-style sleeping bags or wooden sticks and branches as the bed surface.


It is easiest to use clothes as the bed surface to make a garment cover bed. Use two spring or winter clothes to button or lock the zipper, and then turn the clothes from the neckline. At this time, the two sleeves of the clothes were overturned inside the clothes, the hem of the two clothes was turned to the hem, and the two wooden sticks used as bed beams were passed through the sleeves of the clothes. It was a simple stretcher. Just put it on a tripod set up in advance.
Use a blanket to sew the two sides together to make a tubular bed. Then tie them with belt loops to prevent breakage. Normal fabrics are not suitable for tubular beds. Because it cannot bear your weight, or the interface may tear. Choose two roughly equivalent straight wooden poles, each with a length slightly longer than the distance between the two frames: pass the wooden poles through the tubular bed surface made of blankets and place them on the frame. Each side should be stressed, and the tubular bed surface can automatically prevent the bed body F from sliding.

If there is no such substance, use tree sticks and branches to build a bed. Make two frames as supports. Two wooden poles are used like the clothes cover bed and tubular bed above. At the same time, many short branches are needed. The number of branches depends on the height of the sleeper and the type of bed. Branches are obviously more comfortable than large branches. First tie two horizontal wooden sticks to the frame support, so that each side is protruding. Put the completed ladder-like frame on the supporting tripod, tie it firmly, and cover it with plants or branches. A good Qingpu.

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