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What issues should be considered for the safety of the tent?

Nowadays, tents can be seen everywhere in outdoor activities, but tents are a temporary building that is often used outdoors. The safety of the tents must be taken seriously. What issues should be considered in the safety of Guangzhou outdoor tents? Outdoor weather factor The biggest reason for the tent to be used outdoors is to provide indoor space and protect outdoor activities from the weather. However, the tents stand outdoors for a long time. In addition to the ordinary waterproof and UV-proof functions, the tents must also consider the safety of the tents in bad weather. For example, weather such as wind and rain, typhoon and heavy snow, so the tent frame must have sufficient strength and hardness to improve the wind resistance. In addition, the pressure resistance of the tent frame and tarpaulin should be considered to cope with different kinds of bad. the weather! Set up fixed factors The tents are safe to use outdoors, stable and unstable, and have a great relationship with the way of setting up the tents and setting up the site, especially for soft grounds such as sand and grass. If the wrong way is adopted, The safety and stability of the tent will be greatly affected! Internal fire safety For some large exhibition tents, due to the large number of personnel and materials inside the tent, if the consequences of the fire will be quite serious, the fire safety inside the tent must be taken seriously. In addition to the adequate consumption facilities inside the tent, the choice of tarpaulin is also very important. Some inferior tarpaulins have poor flame retardant properties and may even contribute to the spread of fire.

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