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What kind of fabric is the tarpaulin of the tent hotel?

With the rapid development of the economy, people who are busy every day, in addition to work to work, also began to pay attention to their quality of life, and yearning for tourism and nature. The city's tent hotel has begun to rise. Its unique shape, comfortable interior environment and design concept that does not damage the terrain and easy environment have become the darlings of outdoor accommodation in tourist resorts and other places. There are many types of tent hotels, different types of materials, this time with the wild stars, come to know, the fabric of the tent hotel tarpaulin! Outdoor wild tent products include spherical star tents, unimodal spire tents, double peak wild tents, herringbone retro tent houses and spherical crystal palaces. These products can be adapted to a variety of site installations, and are safe, durable, beautiful and novel. Under normal use, they have a long service life (more than 10 years, some products can reach 30 years). The roofing material except the spherical crystal palace is quite special. The conventional roofing materials of other products are double-sided knife-coated PVC waterproof tarpaulin, which has the advantages of resistance to wind, rain, warmth, flame retardant and sound insulation, and the tarpaulin has Good self-cleaning ability, not easy to change color, and lasting as new. Customized tarpaulins of different colors and different colors can be customized according to customer requirements. Customized transparent or translucent specifications can be engraved on the tarpaulin. In addition, in order to ensure the comfortable environment inside the tent hotel and provide the insulation and cold resistance of the tent hotel, Qixing can add thermal insulation materials to the tent hotel of customers in the cold area, generally elastic cloth, insulation cotton and other materials. It is closely connected to the PVC tarpaulin and does not occupy the interior space of the tent. At the same time, customers can also add fabrics, curtains and other materials according to their needs. Yuyao seasons touring Products Co.,Ltd. is a large tent manufacturer, specializing in tent companies, spherical tents, hotel tents, wedding tents, European tents, tents for the design, production, installation and maintenance of movable tents. With an experienced design team and construction team, we offer a variety of spherical tent hotel sizes and shapes.

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