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What kind of tent is right for you?

Q: When do you use your tent during the year? Four season tents must be used in winter camping. If you want to conduct a polar adventure camping, you must consult people with polar field experience to get relevant advice. If you are camping in March, October, or November, even though these months are strictly not winter, it is better to carry a four-season account for insurance purposes, at least a convertible account . If you are only planning a leisure trip between May and September, a three-season account is sufficient. Q: How many people are traveling with you? Do you usually travel with a partner? If so, you need at least a two-person account. Also, are both of you big men? If so, you may need a two- or three-person account or simply carry a three-person account. Does the number of people traveling with you often change? If so, you may need multiple tents to meet the needs of different team sizes. Of course, if your budget is tight, buy the one you can use most often, and when the number of people traveling together changes, rent another one. If someone shares the tent with you at night, don’t be polite, and share it when carrying the tent. You can carry the account post by one person, the account by the other, and so on. Are you traveling alone? If so, you have to consider your preferences. If you need more space, then bring a compressible two-person account; if you care about the weight of the carry, then you should choose a bag or ultra-light one-person account. Q: Is there any difference between cheap tents in supermarkets and discount stores, and well-known professional mountaineering brands in professional outdoor stores? The tents sold in department stores are all produced on a large scale, and there is no serious attention to the details of the workmanship. You can carefully observe the stitch stitching of high-quality tents. You will find that the stitch density per inch on this kind of tent is much greater than the stitch density of ordinary tents in discount stores. In addition, on high-quality tents, you can often find that the stitches are glued and waterproofed. This ensures the strength of the tent, so that it can still maintain the usability of the tent in bad weather. In addition, high-quality aluminum tents are generally used for high-quality tents, while ordinary tents in ordinary shops often use glass fiber reinforced plastic tents with low strength and easy damage. Finally, high-quality tents usually provide better ventilation design and improve the comfort when using the tent. Cheap tents often use a large area of ​​nylon coating on the external account, and this material has poor breathability. Therefore, if you use this tent on a sultry night, you will definitely be sweating hot inside.  Tent capacity Various manufacturers classify tents according to the number of people they can accommodate. Single account, double account, three account and so on. Of course, sometimes there are other specifications, such as one or two person accounts, two or three person accounts, and so on.

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