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What materials are awnings made of?

With the increasing use of awnings in our lives now, we all know that awnings made of different materials will have different effects. Then let Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. give you a detailed introduction.

One of the common awning materials is glass awning, one is steel awning, and the other is membrane structure awning. Generally, the awnings we see in hotels or hospitals are mainly made of glass structure. The main consideration is transparent lighting, and there is also a decorative effect. This is the most common one to start with. Compared with the material of glass, steel is less.

There is also a particularly important aspect. In some places, the awning must have sufficient light transmittance. Since it is often used at the entrance of some buildings, if it does not have good light transmittance, then It will cause the intersection to darken, which is not conducive to increasing the light.
The choice of materials for the awning should be based on different priorities. Some people will focus on its light transmission, because after all, adding this part at the entrance of the building will weaken the light. If you need to enhance the light, you should choose a material with better light transmission. Or if the surrounding environment is relatively corrosive, materials with strong corrosion resistance should be selected.

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