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What new artistic conception does the wedding tent have?

The wedding tent realizes your dream of a princess

Outdoor wedding tents, as a new emerging concept, were used more abroad at the beginning. With the development of the domestic young generation who are pursuing individualization, outdoor wedding tents are gradually being pursued by many people. The wedding tent is like carrying all the fantasies of a girl about the dream of a princess. The blue sky, white clouds, beach, grass, family, lovers, friends, etc. are all nearby. However, you need to pay attention to the following issues when choosing a wedding tent.

Four points to pay attention to for wedding tents:
Time: If you are setting up a tent before the wedding, you must also consider the time for tent erection and decoration. When the wedding team and venue have sufficient time, then book an outdoor tent, so as to avoid the panic of temporary preparations before the wedding.

Location: Where is your outdoor wedding held? Not every place can be set up with a wedding tent. Generally consider building wedding tents on flat open spaces, such as lawns, lakesides, etc. Mountain areas are not suitable.

Environment: The tent has strict restrictions on the size of the wedding, and it is generally not suitable for very large weddings. If you need to book a wedding tent, please confirm the number of wedding guests early.

Food: The lawn tent of the hotel can provide guests with hotel catering services. If you build your own tent in the open space, you must book the catering service in advance. In summer, if the tent is relatively hot, try to avoid perishable food. So please ensure the catering supply first, and then consider the tent wedding.



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