What outdoor exhibition activities are available for the exhibition tents?


The exhibition and exhibition tents are currently playi […]

The exhibition and exhibition tents are currently playing an important role in outdoor exhibitions. Every time there is an exhibition in the outdoor, the exhibition tents are indispensable, such as large-scale exhibitions, company annual meetings, large-scale fairs, Tsingtao Beer Festival, music festivals, etc. Can use the outdoor aluminum alloy exhibition tent room. What role does the exhibition tent play in the exhibition? What outdoor exhibition activities are available for the exhibition tents?
  For the exhibition activities, the exhibition exhibition tents play a lot of roles. The most important role is to provide a large area of ​​indoor exhibition space. Of course, for some large-scale exhibition activities, security inspections, receptions, booths, etc. may be needed. Additional supporting services, so choose the corresponding exhibition tent according to its actual application!
  Large indoor exhibition space, the exhibition tent that is most suitable for providing large-scale indoor space for the exhibition is a herringbone canopy. The herringbone canopy is a modular structure, so the length of the tent can be extended infinitely at intervals of 5 meters. The tent span can be selected from 3-60 meters, which can easily provide thousands of square meters of large exhibition space. At the same time, there is no load-bearing column in the interior of the tent, which is convenient for better planning of the venue. The most important thing is that the price of the gables is relatively cheap, and there are also options for renting tents, which can save the exhibition cost! Security inspection and reception services: In addition to the exhibition activities, many large-scale outdoor activities require security inspection and reception services. The security inspection and reception services do not require much space for the tents. Only a relatively spacious sunshade and rain-proof environment is required. Therefore, it is generally preferred to build and move small and medium-sized pointed tents and flip-flops.
If the exhibition needs a booth, you can choose 3X3, 5X5 European-style awning tents or a row of 5-meter span hoods. This size is more suitable for a booth, and can be shaded outdoors. Rain! Beautiful and beautiful.
  Spherical exhibition tents Some exhibitions will also set up creative exhibition space outside the venue. A round tent with a novel appearance will be a good choice. The round tent is a very popular outdoor tent, which is in the specification and There are many choices in style, 3-50 meters in diameter, tarpaulin has a variety of styles of transparency, other colors, pattern printing, etc., can bring you creative space for new ideas!
  A successful outdoor exhibition is indispensable to the assistance of various exhibition tents. If you have the needs of exhibition activities, Yuyao seasons touring Products Co.,Ltd. can provide you with a variety of specifications and types of exhibition tents, and there are many ways to buy, rent, etc. Choose to provide you with quality outdoor exhibition tents at a favorable price!
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