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What should I pay attention to when setting up a tent?

Tents can be used in many places. We know that there are open-top tents, camping tents, etc. Looking at tents can bring us a lot of fun, but can we know the knowledge of tent construction? The precautions in the construction are even more important. We went to study, and today we will lead us to analyze the precautions for tent construction.


1. The tent should be set up in a good location, the entrance of the tent should be leeward, and the tent should be far away from the hillside with rolling stones.
2. In order to avoid flooding the tent when it rains, a drainage ditch should be dug directly below the edge of the roof. The four corners of the tent should be held down with big rocks.
3. Keep air circulation in the tent, and prevent fire when cooking in the tent. Before going to bed at night, check whether all the flames have been extinguished and whether the tent is firmly fixed.
4. Take away your rubbish: Not leaving a little rubbish in the camp is a discipline that campers must abide by. Paper trash can be burned and buried on the spot. Plastic bottles and cans must be put in trash bags and taken away. They will not be thrown away when they pass the trash station on the way back. Remind everyone that although there are more and more camping areas where cars are allowed to enter in many places, it is necessary for all people to experience the fun of camping. Environmental protection work cannot be ignored. At the end of the trip, I hope everyone can take the garbage away, and Try not to use disposable dishes and chopsticks to avoid environmental pollution.
5. The tents should be set up in sequence: first, set up a public tent. Set up a cooking tent at the downwind of the camp, build a stove, boil a pot of water, and then build a warehouse tent for storing public equipment and their respective camping tents upwind. When the tents of the entire camp are set up, the boiling water has been boiled, and you can drink and start cooking immediately.

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