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What supporting facilities are needed for large-scale outdoor activities aluminum alloy tents?

In addition to its own economic and flexible characteristics, the reason why tents can be popular in outdoor activities is also very important because of the extensive practicality brought by the variety of tents. facility? The current mainstream tent is actually a combination of aluminum alloy frame and PVC tarpaulin. Its main purpose is to provide outdoor sunshading and shelter from rain, to provide a simple and spacious indoor activity space, to ensure the smooth progress of activities. However, as the form and demand of outdoor activities continue to increase, this has increased the practical requirements of tents. Therefore, most tent manufacturers can now provide complete facilities for tents. A fully equipped tent can be connected with Indoor venues are comparable!  Flooring system: There are two types of flooring commonly used in tents. One is wooden flooring (cheap and affordable) and the other is card-type flooring (beautiful and slightly expensive). The flooring is mainly used to level the ground, because tents are sometimes built on Grass, beach, or uneven ground. Laying the floor can facilitate walking and placing tables, chairs, items, etc. Of course there is also a reason that after laying the floor, you can put floor mats to make the tent environment more high-end atmosphere!  Door and window system: Doors and windows do not need to be used in tents with open side walls. Door and window systems are generally used in tents with fully enclosed side walls, and there are many door and window options that tent manufacturers can provide, such as pop / double doors, sliding doors, and glass. Doors, shutter doors, transparent PVC windows, screens, etc., you can choose different doors and windows according to your preferences.  Side wall system: The common side wall for ordinary tents is PVC tarpaulin, but Guangzhou Tengcheng Tent Co., Ltd. can also provide other walls such as ABS hard wall, transparent glass wall, etc. Good, with high impact strength and weather resistance, suitable for long-term outdoor use, more suitable for storage tents, and the wall made of transparent glass has a high-end appearance, which is very suitable for high-end exhibition tents, exhibition tents, Customers can choose the right tent wall according to the needs of the event!  Decoration system: In addition to the good practicability of many tents, many activities also require a certain degree of ornamental tents. This can bring a good experience to guests who come to tents, so tents generally have tarpaulin roofs. Simple decorations such as mantles, valances, and rugs, coupled with some gorgeous lights, can make the tent a feast, which is more suitable for wedding tents and banquet tents!  Power system: In addition to the tents that require electrical boxes and laying lines to draw electricity, the power systems here also refer to some tents that require electricity, such as conventional lighting and air conditioning, and some audio for celebrations and banquets. , Stage, etc. Of course, some relatively low-temperature areas may require heating systems! portable gazebo

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