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What to do if the tent condenses in a cold environment?

There is no non-condensing tent. The principle of condensation is that the temperature in the tent is higher and the temperature of the tent wall is lower, and the water vapor in the tent condenses on the tent wall. The human body has 200-500ml of water from the respiratory system and perspiration at night. (A lot!) If the perspiration moisture is a lot, if the temperature is very low, the temperature in the sleeping bag insulation layer drops below the dew point, and the moisture will accumulate in the sleeping bag insulation layer. This is one of the most important issues to consider when camping for a long time in winter. Simply put, in a cold environment, whether it is a single layer, or an inside and outside tent, this problem cannot be avoided if the ventilation cover is not well designed, why? ? First understand where the water comes from. For sleeping, one is the vapor that evaporates from the body, and the other is the vapor that comes out of the mouth. Qi and vapor are very different.


Moisture is permeable by the breathable coated fabric, and the mouth exhales water vapor at the beginning. Because the exhalation volume is relatively large, it will become water vapor when the mouth is cold. The white flowered one is already tiny water droplets. , Is larger than the pores of the breathable coated fabric, and rarely can penetrate, like Goretex, more than 100 pieces of one-meter microporous membrane fabrics will have internal "fogging" problems in environments with large internal and external temperature differences, not to mention Is it an airtight PU fabric tent? If the function of the breathable cover is low and the moisture drying speed is lower than the exhalation speed, it will definitely condense on the inner layer of the fabric, and the windows will be fogged and frosted.Due to cost issues, tent fabrics are all cheap PU coatings. This coating is not breathable at all. Like plastic cloth, it will definitely condense. The price of tent PU-coated fabric is 4 to 8 yuan per meter. The price of PU coated fabric with certain air permeability is cheap. The so-called low permeability (breathable below 3000) price is 12 to 18 yuan per meter. The tent material It ranges from a dozen meters to several tens of meters, and the cost is staggering if you use breathable materials! Ferrino's MonsterLite high mountain tents use clothing breathable fabrics, and the price is more than a few thousand.

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