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When do you need an outdoor tent?

In southern my country, every summer is when all kinds of awnings and awnings show their talents. Every summer, many citizens install new awnings and awnings, and of course some of them are replaced.

So under what conditions do you need to install an awning? Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. thinks it depends on the surrounding environment. For places with higher requirements, if two or more of the following conditions are met, shading measures such as installing outdoor tents should be taken:

1. Under normal circumstances, the indoor temperature reaches 29 ℃ and above;
2. The solar radiation intensity is >240kcal/㎡·h, that is, 1004.6kJ/㎡·h;
3. The sunlight can be directly exposed to the indoor depth of more than half a meter;
4. Direct sunlight indoors for more than an hour every day.
In the above cases, it is necessary to install the corresponding outdoor tents.

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