Which is a spherical tent?


The attractive appearance and excellent application of […]

The attractive appearance and excellent application of the spherical tents have led many companies to try to use them in activities, especially in large cities with many commercial activities. The demand for spherical tents is quite strong. Which one is better? There are not many manufacturers focusing on making tents, but there are very few manufacturers that develop and produce spherical tents. Therefore, it is necessary to use relatively high-quality spherical tents. It is recommended to select some large-scale tent manufacturers in the field. Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. can be said to be the most outstanding manufacturer in China!
Yuyao seasons touring Products Co.,Ltd. is a large-scale tent house enterprise specializing in the R&D and design of large-scale tent houses and selling manufacturing and leasing. From the perspective of strength, it is one of the few large-scale tent manufacturers in China. The technology for spherical tents is even more national. Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. has introduced spherical tents from abroad and produced them very early, and a professional team has been conducting research and development, so it is quite technical in spherical tents. Mature, can provide spherical tents at a very favorable price!
Due to the limitation of spherical technology, the current specifications of spherical tents in the industry are 3-40 meters in diameter. There are few manufacturers of large-scale spherical tents that can be manufactured, but the team of Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. is in the field of spherical structures. There are breakthroughs in key technologies. In addition to the conventional spherical specifications, large-scale spherical tent designs with a diameter of 50-100 meters are now available!
Moreover, Tengcheng Tent has rich experience in the design of spherical tents. The frame of the spherical tent can be made of high-hardness galvanized iron pipe or new aluminum alloy. In addition to the conventional PVC tarpaulin, PC board and transparent glass can be selected. There is no problem with the outdoor wind against the 8-10 level. Such as "Tai Yue Legend" ball tent, Aershan tent hotel, Malaysia real estate activities, Intel new product promotion, etc. are successful cases of Tengcheng spherical tent!
If you are looking for a quality spherical tent manufacturer, then Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. will be your best choice. We can not only offer the best spherical tent in the industry, but also create the most suitable spherical shape for you. Tent scheme.
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