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Which tent is more suitable for outdoor camping?

In the past two years, outdoor camping seems to be a must-have item for parent-child travel, and now the outdoor camping tents have gradually become more varied, from the traditional pointed tents in the past to the spherical tents with larger capacity.
The reason why the dome tent can become the top of the tent industry is mainly due to the plasticity and breadth of the dome tent itself. These functions can make it suitable for installation and layout in various types of scenes, such as desert, woodland, coastal and other venues. scenery. And for the waterproof treatment and ground foundation treatment, tent interior space and other issues, spherical tents can be calmly faced.
Nowadays, people are advocating low-carbon life, and the advantages of the dome tent's light weight and large capacity are brought into play. The lightweight and environmentally friendly PVC material and the material that can reach B1 level flame retardant have made you the wild luxury you always thought. It can be made simpler and freer. At the same time, the spherical tent can be extended into a starry hotel tent, allowing you to experience the comfort of the hotel outdoors.


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