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Why are the prices of customized exposition tents high or low?

With the increasing planning of the Expo event, the tent area required for many events has also increased. At this time, it is often necessary to use a large-span tent standard to provide satisfactory tent area space for the event. Is that high-span tent price high? Under normal circumstances, the tent standard is the main factor that affects the price of the tent. The large-span area standard tent requires more materials. However, because it is necessary to accept greater wind resistance or load-bearing, it is believed that to ensure the safety of the tent, an aluminum alloy material with a higher standard than the small-span tent is used, so the large-span tent is more cost-effective than usual The tent is more expensive, but relative to the traditional construction, such a large area of ​​indoor space, the tent is still very advantageous in price. Changyuan tents are now customary to provide tents with a span of 3-60 meters. Different spans will use different standard materials, so it is difficult to have a detailed quotation for large-span tent prices without knowing the standards and requirements. In general, the price of large-span tents is not high. Because large-span tents have greater requirements for both technicality and safety, it is important to select large and powerful tent manufacturers. Yuyao seasons touring Products Co., Ltd. has more than 15 years of tent development and production Experience, professional technical research team can customize a variety of large-span tents for you to meet your requirements for tents. wholesale tents

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