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  • The versatile white color awning tent
  • The versatile white color awning tent
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The versatile white color awning tent

The versatile white color awning tent can have many uses thanks to its practical design. Useful area of ​​this model: 18 sq.m. There are many options for using this tent from organizing a holiday in the fresh air, as well as suitable for a summer cafe - this tent will fit perfectly and will help organize an open-air event at a high level and at any weather. It can also be purchased for a garage, as a passenger car can easily fit under the roof. Dense walls with a thickness of 380 g / sq.m. protect from wind and rain, each of them is divided into sections of 2 m each, which, if necessary, can be removed, providing access to fresh air, especially in strong heat. Transparent windows are provided in the walls of the tent for better illumination of the pavilion. The roof tarpaulin is more compacted up to 500 g/m2, which increases additional protection against leakage, and the white color will provide protection from heat and burnout on the hottest days. Side walls with a roll-up system can be easily raised or lowered as desired, allowing access to air and daylight. This will turn the closed tent into a light summer covered gazebo. There are ventilation holes on the roof. The framework at an awning is made of the metal providing high stability. The frame of the tent is made of galvanized steel with an anti-carious coating, which increases the service life of this awning. Steel pipes with a diameter of 3.8 and 4.2 cm have an aesthetic white color. With the help of the instructions attached to the tent, the assembly of this model will not take much time. The awning tent is easily installed, dismantled and transported.
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